4 Future-Forward Co-Packing Trends

Domestic and global marketplaces are constantly evolving—driving and demanding innovations at every step from production all the way through to packaging and distribution. You need to be aware of what’s coming and choose a co-packing partner ready to embrace change.

Keep reading to learn more about four emerging co-packaging trends:


1. Sustainable, Eco-Conscious Packaging

The worldwide eco-friendly market is growing fast. In Canada alone, more than 50% of consumers are choosing to add at least one organic product to their carts every week.

Switching to sustainable packaging can mean taking steps like:

  • Rethinking how you use packaging materials. That might involve using fewer resources, finding recyclable alternatives, choosing lighter options, or a combination of multiple strategies.
  • Relying on different package sizes to increase product-to-package ratios.
  • Designing easy-to-use packaging to limit wastage.

Read our blog to learn how your business can benefit from choosing sustainable packaging.

2. Flexible Co-Packaging Solutions

Today’s retailers and consumers both want packaging that will be suited to meet their unique needs. You need to work with a co-packer ready to provide these sought after customizable and adaptable solutions, whether that means.

  • Running variable project and load sizes.
  • Working with shorter lead times.
  • Balancing readymade efficiency with just-for-you designs.

A flexible, experienced co-packer will be prepared to work closely with you to understand your goals and ensure a seamless execution from start to finish.

3. Packaging That Differentiates Itself

The average consumer devotes over 80% of their attention to your packaging, with only 15% going to the number on the price tag. What does this mean for you? Put simply—having the right packaging really matters.

One of the most important things is to set your product apart from those around it on the shelf. Sometimes this will mean making the most of well-established trends. In other cases, seeking new and innovative paths will put you on the road to success.

How can you ensure your packaging captures your brand’s story? Read our blog to find out!

4. A Strategically Located Co-Packing Partner

As the adage goes—location, location, location!

When choosing your co-packer, this means focusing on factors like getting as close to your consumers and end users as possible and being in close proximity to major borders and transportation hubs.

Partnering with a strategically located co-packer can help you to:

  • Reduce transportation costs.
  • Limit the amount of excess inventory you need to manage.
  • Act fast to make the most of rising trends.

Choosing a co-packer committed to staying ahead of the curve will be the key to growing your business and boosting future sales.

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4 Future-Forward Co-Packing Trends