How Your Packaging Can Tell Your Brand’s Story

Whatever type of product you sell – whether food, cosmetics, electronics, or more – your packaging plays a significant role in how your customers experience your brand. Remember, you have seven seconds to grab someone’s attention as they pass by your product on a store shelf. Are you ready to make that time count?

To be sure your packaging captures the eyes of consumers, we’ve put together this guide to effectively telling your brand’s story:

1. Does Your Packaging Live Up to What Your Brand Promises?

One of the first questions you need to answer is this: what is your brand about? Is the focus on being healthy and natural, or do you want to be sweet and delicious? What about fun and exciting, or functional and easy to use? Whatever your brand’s image is, make sure your packaging reinforces that!

Do you know the four essentials of packaging design? Read our blog to find out!

2. Does Your Packaging Deliver on Customer Perceptions and Expectations?

Promise is something you can craft. Perception, however, is more difficult to control. Often, how a customer perceives your product and brand is based on independent factors like recommendations from friends or their own past experiences.

But there is something you can do. By factoring consumer perception into your decisions, you can ensure you live up to your audience’s expectations.

Typically, expectations will vary by product:

  • If the product’s focus is on being easy to use, its packaging needs to match. The top three packaging pet peeves for most people are it being hard to dispose of, messy, and not easily recyclable.
  • If your brand is all about luxury, your packaging should be created with glamour in mind.
  • If your products are one-of-a-kind pieces, adding a hand-touched detail like a signature of the maker can add a personal feel.

3. Does Your Packaging Showcase Your Brand’s Personality?

As you’re going through the motions, don’t forget that your brand (and packaging!) needs to have a personality. Often, this comes back to answering that first question: what are you about?

Whether you’re fun and full of life or toned down and focused on ease of use, your packaging needs to communicate your key message. Even if they don’t know your brand, 64% of consumers said they would grab a product off the shelf if the packaging is appealing.

Designing packaging that stays true to your brand while appealing to consumers will be the key to success, helping you grow your sales and your business.

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