WG Connects with Companies Eager to Grow in North America at the International Sweet and Snack Fair in Germany

ISM is the biggest global tradeshow for sweets and snacks, attracting almost 38,000 visitors from over 140 countries every year to Cologne, Germany. ISM is dedicated to recognizing innovation – showcasing new-to-market products and leading-edge packaging designs.

WG has become a regular at ISM over the years. It provides an opportunity for us to connect with clients (new and existing) searching for creative packaging solutions and distribution pathways into Canada and the US.

Being a full-service co-packer committed to providing superior co-packing services for clients around the world, attending international events plays an important role in keeping us up-to-date in our industry. ISM gives us a glimpse of what’s coming so we can offer the future-forward expertise that will keep you and your business on the road to success.

Are You Ready to Expand Your Brand in North America?

Something we often hear from our European clients is that a major Canadian player – whether it’s Sobeys, Costco, or Loblaw’s – is interested in their product, but the retailer has reservations. In some cases they’re hesitant about bringing in too large of a shipment at once and would prefer to segment their orders. Other times, they want local distribution and the benefits that come with it (like being able to easily inspect the facilities, merchandise, quality and accuracy of labelling, and more).

Partnering with WG can streamline your entry into North America. As a trusted conduit for companies coming to Canada and the US from overseas, we will work closely with you to develop the co-packaging and distribution strategy that will prepare your products to triumph in the North American marketplace:

  • Apprehensive about venturing into the US? Gain a strong foothold in Canada to simplify and accelerate future growth.
  • Take advantage of WG’s strategically located co-packing facilities, which are under four hours from major Canada-US border crossings, airports, and other transportation routes.
  • Rely on our importing, exporting, and storage logistics expertise.
  • Reduce costs by letting us source packaging materials locally.
  • Co-manufacture or private label your own baked goods in our Toronto-area bakery for uncompromised taste, freshness, and satisfaction.

Do you want to learn more about what makes WG the perfect partner to help you break into North American markets? Read our blog to find out!

The possibilities are limitless for European products to be distributed throughout North America, providing lucrative opportunities to broaden your reach and increase sales. We look forward to working with you on new and exciting projects throughout the year ahead!

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