WG Pro Becomes a Certified Organic Co-Packer

WG Pro is proud to announce that our co-packing services and facilities are now officially certified organic! This new certification enables us to handle and co-pack a variety of products and ingredients, including food and health items, in our accredited facilities.

The green market continues to grow as more and more customers look for sustainable options to suit their lifestyles. The organic food market in the US is predicated to make up nearly 15 percent of all sales by 2020, while Canada isn’t far behind with over half of all consumers buying organic products each week.

What are the four benefits of choosing eco-conscious, sustainable packaging? Read our blog to find out!

Your business needs to be ready to capitalize on these expanding opportunities – working with the right organic-certified co-packer to help capture your brand’s voice and design innovative packaging solutions that will help your products stand out in the eyes of your target market.

About WG Pro’s Certified Organic Co-Packing Services

Organic standards in Canada are regulated by the Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Only products with organic content of 95 percent or more can display the official logo and use acceptable terms like “organic,” “organically grown,” and “organically produced.”

The certification process is carried out by dedicated accreditation bodies. WG Pro has been certified organic in Canada by Ecocert Canada, a Canadian leader in organic certification. Its team of experienced, qualified inspectors perform in-the-field examinations, while its governing committees ensure regulations are strictly enforced without bias.

WG Pro’s facilities and processes will be inspected regularly by Ecocert to ensure ongoing compliance.

Whatever type of organic product you produce, the team at WG Pro is ready to use our certified expertise and facilities to help you realize exceptional results. We look forward to working with you throughout this coming year on new, exciting projects!

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